Wet ‘n’ Wild 8-Pan Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

I have never tried Wet ‘n’ Wild until recently. To be honest, I avoided drugstore makeup for a while because most of the products I’ve tried didn’t work for me. I just thought maybe “you get what you pay for”. However, after having read so many great reviews about Wet ‘n’ Wild, I decided to try their Color Icon Eyeshadows, and I’m really glad I did because these are AMAZING!

Petal Pusher is the first Color Icon palette that I’ve tried, and I must say I am very impressed. I love the colors and the rich buttery feel to the shadows!

The first column features a whitened lavender browbone color, which goes on very sheer, a lavender pink eyelid color with gorgeous golden shimmer, a dark purple crease color with a frost finish, and a dark blue violet definer color with silver sparkles.

The second column contains a pale baby pink browbone color with a frost finish, a red-toned mauve eyelid color with copper shimmer, a burgundy black crease color with purplish red sparkles, and a charcoal black definer color with silver sparkles.

Blue Had Me At Hello includes some really fun and bold colors to play around with. I think this may be the most pigmented out of the three 8-pan palettes.

The first column is made up of a whitened silver browbone color with a frost finish, a very frosty silver eyelid color, a black crease color with blue sparkles, and a matte black definer color.

The second column is composed of a pale powder blue browbone color with a frost finish, a frosty aqua-teal eyelid color (I just LOVE this one), a frosty navy blue crease color, and a black definer color with silver sparkles.

Comfort Zone is my personal favorite out of the three 8-pan palettes, and it’s one of my most reached for palettes right now because the colors are great for work.

The first column includes a shimmery whitened gold browbone color, a metallic rose gold eyelid color, a shimmery bronze crease color, and a very deep brown definer color with copper sparkles.

The second column consists of a silvery taupe browbone color with green highlights, a spring green eyelid color with gold shimmer, a blackened olive green crease color with golden shimmer, and a deep reddened brown definer color with a blue green iridescence, which is a really beautiful duochrome color.

Overall, I love these palettes. The texture of these eyeshadows are very soft, buttery, easy to apply, and easy to blend. They are highly pigmented, and they last all day without creasing over a primer. Sure, the packaging is not the best, but who cares when the quality is absolutely amazing, and at $4.99, it really is a steal! I’m so glad I bought these!

So, who else loves these Wet ‘n’ Wild palettes?

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  1. Wow! Comfort Zone is amazing! That definer color is to die for!
    Hmm I guess I shouldn't have followed your blog after all. You're going to bankrupt me for real!

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