Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. lll Review & Swatches

I was really looking forward to the release of Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III. I just recently got into Urban Decay this year, so I missed out on the first two volumes. I did get my hands on the Alice in Wonderland palette though, and I was really impressed, so I had to have this one. πŸ™‚

I love the NYC-inspired pop-up illustration. I think it’s well designed, but I don’t think I’ll be able to use the mirror at all because (1) the lid won’t stay open, and (2) the pictures get in the way.

There are little LED lights in the background, so the palette lights up.

This palette includes 16 eyeshadows, 2 mini eyeliners, and 1 mini Primer Potion. There are seven new shades (Loaded, Kush, Rockstar, Money, Bordello, Radium, and Suspect). In addition, there are two Sephora-exclusive shades (Haight and Psychedelic Sister). The rest are permanent shades (Perversion, Uzi, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Last Call, Maui Wowie, Smog, and Snatch).

Here are some swatches. For details, click on images to enlarge. πŸ™‚

Perversion is a matte (but not flat) deep jet black.
Uzi is a silvery white with big silver glitter.
Loaded is a deep emerald green with black undertones.
Kush is a bright shimmering grassy green with golden undertones.
Midnight Cowboy Rides Again is a pinky beige with loads of gold and silver glitter.
Last Call is a reddish plum with flecks of shimmer.
Rockstar is a dark brownish-purple with a metallic sheen.
Money is a soft seafoam green with a metallic finish.

More swatches…

Haight is a medium tone of teal with more blue and a shimmer finish.
Maui Wowie is a sandy gold with silver and gold glitter.
Smog is a rich antique bronze with a golden sheen.
Bordello is a purplish-pink with golden undertones.
Radium is a vibrant royal blue with a slight metallic finish.
Snatch is a frosty light peachy-pink with some glitter.
Suspect is a medium golden taupe with a pearly sheen.
Psychedelic Sister is a bright purple with a frosty sheen.

And here are the eyeliners…

Zero is a deep jet black.
Ransom is a bright bluish purple.

Overall, I think this is another great palette. The eyeshadows are all very smooth and highly pigmented. And if you’ll consider the price, quality, and what’s included in this palette, it really is a great value.

So, what do you think of this palette? Are you getting one for yourself?

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10 comments on “Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. lll Review & Swatches

  1. a friend is bringing mine over from NYC next week and I'm soo excited! (Neither Sephora nor UD will ship to where I am so I had to pull some strings)

    Your swatches are amazing, so clear and well-lit, and the liner swatch is just too cute! Loved this post πŸ™‚

  2. What a beautiful palette! My friend and I wanted this. But I will have to pass since I have so much makeup already! Lol. I love how you swatched them, the circles looks so perfect. Very cute swatches, thank you.

  3. @MissTat: It sucks that they won't ship to you, but that's awesome that your friend is getting one for you. =D

    @Miss β™₯ Nikka: I admire your will power. I often have to remind myself that I already have way too much makeup, but I fail at restraining myself from making any new purchases. LOL

    @SilhouetteScreams: Thank you! β™₯

  4. @All Made Up: It's not cheap, but it's a great value. Hope you were able to get one for yourself!

    @Miss LV: Thanks! Following your blog now too. πŸ™‚

    @Passing fancy: I recommend getting it! (^_^)

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