MAC Fusion Pink, Party Parrot & Impassioned Comparison


Jerry of Silhouette Screams requested a comparison between Fusion Pink, Party Parrot & Impassioned. Sorry for the delay, but here they are…

From L to R: Fusion Pink, Party Parrot, and Impassioned…

From L to R: Fusion Pink, Party Parrot, and Impassioned…

I thought Fusion Pink would look very close to Party Parrot, but they look different on me. When compared to Party Parrot, Fusion Pink is redder (and it has an iridescent sheen), while Impassioned is very similar but slightly pinker. I hope that helps. 🙂

If you have any other swatch requests, please let me know.

Where to buy: MAC counters, stores, and online.

Disclosure: The products featured in this post have been purchased by me. All opinions are honest and completely mine.


  1. @Ruqaiya Khan: I agree. Party Parrot and Impassioned look very similar. So those who missed out on Party Parrot could get Impassioned instead.

    @Chelle: Fusion Pink is perm at PRO, but I believe it's going to be discontinued because it's in the "goodbyes" section, which made me grab one right away.

  2. Wow, they swatch quite similarly but probably look different on the lips due to their finishes. Guess I can walk, not run and get Impassioned 🙂 Thanks for swatching!

  3. @Sarah S.: You're right. Impassioned looks very similar to Party Parrot in color, but they look slightly different on the lips due to their finishes. They are both pretty opaque, so the color looks the same as when swatched, but Party Parrot looks a bit brighter on me… probably because of the matte finish.

  4. @Jacquelyn: Impassioned has been on my wishlist for a while now, but since it's perm, I’ve been postponing my temptation to buy it until I saw Fusion Pink on the "Goodbyes" section. I added FP to my cart and thought I needed another bright lipstick and tossed Impassioned in there too. LOL


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