Mineral Blushes Size and Price Comparison

Up until recently, I’ve only used Everyday Minerals and nothing else. However, since EDM started discontinuing a lot of products, I decided to try other MMU companies. After all, I do like a variety! 😉

After having received several packages this week, I thought I should do a size and price comparison.

The photo below shows how much larger (circumference-wise) Everyday Minerals is. I also have a jar of Anytime blush (received in swap), which is supposed to be an old full-size 20g jar. It’s about the same size as Lumiere, AL, and Joppa.

If you’ll look at the height of the jars, EDM is slightly shorter than the others, but the labels show a net weight of 5.5g for EDM, 4g for Lumiere, and 5.2g for Joppa. (AL doesn’t show a net weight… just a net volume.)

Let’s look at the prices.

Everyday Minerals – $8.00
Lumiere – $12.00
AL – $14.50
Joppa – $15.00

Everyday Minerals is still the most affordable and the best value for your money.

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