Silk Naturals Spring 2011 Lippies and Blushes Review & Swatches

As part of their Spring 2011 collection, Silk Naturals recently released some new lip products. Of course, the addict in me couldn’t resist, so I ordered a few lippies. I also added Adorn so I could reach the $30 minimum order and request a free eyeshadow of my choice (Godiva).

Biscayne is this week’s gift with purchase, and they kindly included free samples of their new blushes Candie, Diablo, and Folly.

Doll is a vivid red-pink lip stain.

Gigi is a bright strawberry pink lip stain.

Crazy Love is a shimmery blue pink lipstick.

Showstopper is a shimmery bright fuchsia pink lip gloss.

Creampuff is a sheer rosy pink amplifying lip glaze with silver shimmer.

Electra is a sheer plummy pink amplifying lip glaze with copper and purple sparkles.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Candie is a very light pink blush with a touch of golden shimmer. It’s pretty sheer and barely showed up on my medium skin tone. I think those with lighter skin tones would like this best. Diablo is a bright orange-red that looks intimidating at first, but don’t let this shade scare you. If applied with a very light hand, it would look beautiful on most skintones. Folly is a lavender pink with a hint of shimmer. I think it would work on light to medium skin tones, but it may be ashy on deeper skin tones.

Overall, I think the lip stains are great. The colors (Doll and Gigi) are amazing and very long lasting. The amplifying lip glazes are nice too. There is a slight tingle, but the feeling goes away quickly. Creampuff and Electra go on quite sheer, and the shimmer particles have a tendency to settle into my lip lines a bit, but both colors are so beautiful! My personal favorites are Crazy Love and Showstopper. Such fabulous colors! Both of them are extremely moisturizing and give a very nice, glossy look when applied to lips. Last but not the least, the blushes are lovely, very spring-y, and certainly worth checking out.

Let me know if you’d like to see some lip swatches, and I’ll try to get them done today or tomorrow.

The rest of the colors can be viewed at

Are you getting anything from this collection? Do you like lip stains and/or lip plumpers? Which ones do you recommend?

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10 comments on “Silk Naturals Spring 2011 Lippies and Blushes Review & Swatches

  1. Jennifae – thanks so much for the fantastic swatches. You do them so well. SN should use your pictures to put on their website. They're that clear!

    I'm loving how Crazy Love looks. For some reason I thought they were liquid glosses and would not be in the twist up packaging.

    I was eyeing Electra but now that I see how much sparkles they have in it, I think I'll pass on it.

    Gigi and Crazy Love are on my mental wishlist. I like Folly too!

    I would love to see lip swatches if you have the time. (^_^)

  2. I just can't agree more with justItee! SN should use your swatches because they're SOOOO good!! Plus for Asian light-medium girls (like moi!) your swatches are really helpful! I've been deciding on buying stuff from SN by your swatches you know. 😉

    I just got my Azalea, but Showstopper is already in my cart along with Crazy Love. The website swatches for Azalea and Showstopper are pretty similar. How do you think they compare? I wish you can do side-by-side swatches.

  3. @Lily (Beauty's Bad Habit): You definitely need to try at least one or two of their lip colors. They're addictive though, so watch out! 😉

    @justltee: Thank you so much! Gigi is a such lovely color. I think you'll like Crazy Love too. It's gorgeous! Lip swatches coming right up.

    @Frckls: Thank you kindly! I'll do side-by-side swatches of those for you sometime today. 🙂

  4. Jen!!! great swatches…your the greatest at it. I have some of them on the way and need to add the LS now that I see your lovely blog pictures. ITA that SN is addiction to a MU collection that is soooo nice to have a use.

  5. Hi Jen, you're super fast again 😀
    I've ordered this week as well, but have to wait till it reaches me in Europe…
    Your swatch of Diablo looks more muted and warmer than SN swatch. I've ordered a sample of it, mainly for playing around on lips with it, well let's see.

  6. I've ordered plenty of stuff, mostly skin care, but also Cayenne – my fist ever red lipstick lol.
    I'll post my swatches then, really I should post more often, lazy me..

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