Silk Naturals Skin Care, Lipsticks, Glosses Haul, Review & Swatches

I ordered a few skin care samples from Silk Naturals a few weeks ago.

I got the Apricot Cleansing Oil, which I really liked. It does the job really well, removing make up, dirt and grime without stripping the skin of its natural oils and moisture. The Kiss Foaming Cleanser works really well too. Both cleansers are gentle yet effective, so I plan to purchase a large bottle of each later.

I tried the 8% AHA Toner, but I had a negative reaction to it. I developed a raised red rash on my skin after application. (Why must my skin be so damn sensitive?) It wasn’t itchy, and the redness went away after a few minutes, but I discontinued use. Next on my list is the Pore Refining Toner. I’ll post an update later.

I used the Hemp Moisturizer as well, and it made my skin look and feel soft. After that was all gone, I started using the Daily Defense Moisturizer, but it caused me to break out. 🙁

I also ordered the Firming Moisturizer and Intensive Moisturizer (both w/ CoQ10 and Renovage), but I haven’t gotten a chance to try them yet. I’ll keep you all posted (hopefully with some good results). I grabbed both Microdermabrasion Cream and Gel plus a few serums (Facelift Vitamin C, DMAE & Peptide Serum, Green Tea and Aloe Hydrating Serum, Oatmeal Hydrating Serum, and Rose Hydrating Serum). Can you tell I really needed some moisture and hydration? LOL

I added a couple of their organic vegan lipsticks (Eternal and Sultry) and liquid lip glosses (Summer Fling and Vintage).

When I first opened these, I was afraid they would be too dark or muddy, but that wasn’t the case when swatched on my hand (and worn on my lips).

Here are a few swatches…

Eternal is a dupe of MAC’s Twig. It’s a fairly neutral mauve-pink that isn’t too bright or too brown. It goes with absolutely everything, and it looks natural and flattering. Sultry is a dupe of MAC’s Brick-O-La. It’s a lovely berry red. I’m usually afraid of wearing reds, but this one works well with me. Both Eternal and Sultry are richly pigmented, long-lasting, and not drying at all.

Summer Fling is a lovely rosy pink color with some shimmer. Vintage is a gorgeous shimmery wine red. The liquid lip glosses don’t last as long as the lipsticks, but I really like how moisturizing it is. I just wish they come in a larger container.

I requested Charmed as my free eye shadow.

Charmed is a dupe of MAC’s Juxt. It’s a nice pastel green with a hint of gold shimmer. The texture is amazing, and it blends like a dream (like the rest of their eye shadows). They also sent me a free sample of Plush, which looks nothing like the photo on the SN site, but it’s a great color. It’s a beautiful purple shade with some copper interference.

The Gift With Purchase for that week was My Pretty, which is a lip-plumping lip gloss.

My Pretty is a nice lilac pink color. The formula is nice. I feel that it plumps my lips without drying them out.

So… have you tried any of Silk Naturals skin care products? How do you like them? I’m thinking of trying Garden of Wisdom next. Any thoughts or other recommendations? Thanks in advance! 🙂


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6 comments on “Silk Naturals Skin Care, Lipsticks, Glosses Haul, Review & Swatches

  1. I like the microdermabrasion gel. It works well for me. I also am, surprisingly, a huge fan of their eyelash serum! I threw it in my cart just because, but despite my skepticism, my usually crappy lashes are definitely a whole lot nicer! After a month of use, my upper lashes are visibly fuller and a little longer, and my lower lashes are significantly longer.

  2. Ooooh I need to try their skincare line! Especially the AHA toner and eyelash serum (only I would want to try the toner even more after finding it can cause reactions 😐 *sigh* I am special) 😀 and that lilac-y plumping gloss looks gorgeous

  3. I thought I posted a comment here, but there's no indication of it, so take #2:

    Do you find these a bit sticky and dry when they are applied? I find that an odd thing about them. For me, the Eyelash serum; Green Tea & Aloe serum, Mamma's Helper serum (it should be renamed!); Firming moisturizer; and KISS and Apricot cleansers work well. I'm worried I'm sensitive to the Microdermabrasion Gel because something I initially tried caused acne. But I tried a few new things at once, tsk!

    What SN lipgloss/stick would be warmer/more pink-beige than Eternal as that one is too corpse-purple on me?

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