Silk Naturals Harry Potter & Hawaii Lip Swatches


Just a quick post! Someone requested some lip swatches, so here they are!

First, my bare lips (for reference):

Delacoeur is a luminous light pink shade with a frosty finish.

Ginny is a sheer peachy coral shade with some silver shimmer.

Hibiscus is a bright hot pink. I applied it heavily here, but it looks more wearable on me when blotted as a lip stain.

Last but not the least is Mango, which is a bright warm orange, bold if applied heavily, but it can look soft and subtle if blotted.

Hope that helps! 🙂



  1. Did you apply Mango on heavily or just a touch? It looks fantastic on you.

    I put in an order for Mango and Delacouer. Hope it looks good on me the way it does on you. ^_^

  2. @LT: Thanks! I'm so happy they included Mango with my order. I didn't order it because I was afraid it would look awful on me. So glad it doesn't. =D

    I applied a couple of layers here. Hope you like Mango! Looking forward to your pics. ^^

  3. Hi! I just found your blog because of the new SN collection swatches. Thank you so much for them, these are the first I saw on the web. They all look great.

    By the way, I saw you won a EDM contest a while back. I won about 2 weeks ago. Did they send you some e-mail or something? I noticed I had won because I checked on their website.

    Congrats on your excellent blog,


  4. @Sandra: Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like the swatches. Hope you find them helpful. 🙂 About the EDM contest, I won the contest held on July 28th, but I haven't received my prize yet. I think they're supposed to contact you unless they already have your name & address on file.

    @Tessa: Thanks for following my blog! I'm checking yours now. 🙂

  5. Hi Jennifae! Art girl is amazing, true violet (not purple nor lavander). The photos in the edm website do no justice to it, I was so surprised by how beautiful it is irl. It's pearly and has very tiny blue and red (I think) sparkles. Extremely wearable and beautiful.


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