Silk Naturals Hawaii & Harry Potter Collections Review & Swatches!

Why do I love Silk Naturals? Read on and find out.

Reason #1: Super fast shipping! I placed an order for their new collections on Tuesday, and it was promptly shipped on Wednesday. Two days later, it’s in my mailbox. And Reason #2: Their shipping rates are very reasonable, and I appreciate that. (I’m a little turned off by companies that charge way too much for shipping.)

I ordered some Harry Potter-inspired eyeshadows… Dark Arts, Envoy, Hero, and Teacher’s Pet.

I also got their new Hawaii-inspired eyeshadows (Aloha and Pacific). I requested Mahalo as my free eye shadow, and the free gift with purchase was Cleo. Reason #3: I love that Karen offers free gifts with purchase. It shows how much she appreciates her customers.

Here are some swatches. Reason #4: AH-MA-ZING quality eye shadows! Click the image to enlarge it. 🙂

Dark Arts is a color inspired by Professor Severus Snape (one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter book series). It’s a dark golden brown with gold and green shimmer.

Envoy is a shimmery snow white with a pearly luster, as beautiful as Hedwig’s white feathers.

Hero is my favorite from this collection. It’s a pearlescent blue-green with a touch of golden shimmer. It is of course inspired by Harry Potter himself.

Teacher’s Pet, inspired by Hermione Granger, is a lustrous pearly taupe with flashes of gold.

Aloha is deep teal green with a pearly sheen finish.

Mahalo is a pale tint of golden pearl.

Pacific (my favorite from this particular collection) is a medium vibrant blue with gold sparkles.

And finally… Cleo, a gorgeous shimmery purple color. I’m in love with this one! Reason #5: In addition to being super nice, Karen is also very talented!

I didn’t actually order any of the new blushes because (1) I wasn’t sure if they would work for me, and (2) I was supposed to be on a “no buy”… so I was pleasantly surprised when I found some samples included in my order. Reason #6: The SN team is AWESOME!

And here are some swatches. These are all lightly pigmented. Reason #7: Their blushes are soft, silky, and absolutely gorgeous.

Ginger, inspired by Ron Weasley, is a delicate peach/coral tone with a dust of sheen.

Phoenix is a deep wine color with a fine hint of golden bronze sparkle.

Guava is a sweet and subtle cool mauve-pink blush with a slight shimmer.

Lychee is a lovely berry-pink blush with a slight shimmery finish.

My order wouldn’t be complete without some lippies! Reason #8: I’m addicted to their lippies! They have a nice texture, great selection of colors, moisturizing formulas, and a nice mild scent.

Here are some swatches for you! I was going to take some lip swatches too, but my battery died. I hope this helps anyway. Enjoy! 🙂

Reason #9: The products are all reasonably priced.

Reason #10: $1 of the purchase price of each new eye shadow and lip product will be donated to Women for Afghan Women. For more info, click here.


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16 comments on “Silk Naturals Hawaii & Harry Potter Collections Review & Swatches!

  1. Your swatch photos are awesome, and the colors are gorgeous! I LOVE Silk Naturals (HOW do they ship so fast??? Not a complaint, btw ; ). Might have to look into getting some of these … I love Dark Arts, Hero, Cleo, and Mahalo!

  2. @princessfats: Hero is a must-have IMHO. ^_^

    @LT: I LOVE Delacouer! It's my new favorite lip gloss. I wasn't expecting to like Mango, but I'm really glad they sent me a free one. I love it! I was afraid bright orange would look awful on me, but it actually looks nice.

    @Heather: Thank you so much! I would love to see you do a few EOTD using Silk Naturals. =D

    @Maggi: Thank you!

    @MartianDelights: I hope Karen releases Cleo later as a permanent eye shadow. It's too pretty to remain a limited edition.

  3. Thanks for the swatches. I ordered the HP shadows & lippies but only the Hibiscus lippie from Hawaii. I think I may need to add Aloha & Cleo to my collection plus a couple blushes!

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