Silk Naturals Fall 2011 Eyeshadows Review & Swatches (Part 4)

What? There’s a part four? Yes, I did end up getting the rest of the new eyeshadows to swatch for you. Except Burnout. Sorry… I might get that one later.

From L to R: Checkered, 4matic, Glory, and Touring.

From L to R: Fierce, Heat, Kickstart, and Nighthawk.

Checkered is a bright yellow gold with a pearl finish. I wasn’t expecting to like this one much, but I do.

4matic is a pearly champagne with a tinge of green. I love this one! It will definitely get a lot of use from me.

Glory is a golden taupe with green, gold, and copper sparkles. This is one beautiful shade.

Touring is a golden bronze with a pearl finish. It looks like something I already have, but this is probably better in terms of texture.

Fierce is a golden peach with a pearl finish. Holy gorgeousness! I LOVE THIS! So pretty!

Heat is a coppery orange with a pearl finish. I don’t own many colors like this because it’s not a shade I wear a lot, but I really like this one.

Kickstart is a shimmery silvery grey with just a hint of bronze. I normally try to stay away from silver tones, but this is very wearable for me because it has a hint of brown.

Nighthawk is a blue-black with a golden pearly sheen. Great as a liner!

And there you have it… I hope these photos and swatches help a bit. None of these eyeshadows have an Eyelight finish, but using a good eyeshadow primer might slightly intensify the colors. To be honest, when I first saw these shades online, I didn’t think I needed any of them because I thought I might already have similar colors (and maybe I do), but when I received these I got really excited because they all look amazing in the jar, and I actually fell in love with most of them while swatching. My personal favorites are Fierce (of course), 4matic, and Touring.

What do you think? Did any of these shades make your shopping cart?

Where to buy: Silk Naturals

Disclosure: The products featured in this review were sent by the brand for review consideration. All opinions are honest and completely mine.

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8 comments on “Silk Naturals Fall 2011 Eyeshadows Review & Swatches (Part 4)

  1. @Yasinisi, @4wheel, and @Sarah: Glory is another one I really like. It's one of the must-haves from this collection. (^_^)

    @Karen: In the jar, Fierce and Daiquiri look very similar, but when swatched they are very different. The golden pearl highlight in Fierce becomes much more noticeable, while Daiquiri has a subtle pearly sheen. Model appears more pink.

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