Silk Naturals Fall 2011 Eyeshadows Review & Swatches (Part 2)

As promised, I have more Silk Naturals Fall 2011 eyeshadows to show you. This post features the pinks and purples… Ether, Chicane, Jump, Phantom, Model, Custom, and Clutch.

Part 1 (blues, greens, and teals) can be viewed here.

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Okay, moving on… (^_^)

From L to R: Ether, Chicane, Jump, and Phantom.

From L to R: Phantom, Model, Custom, and Clutch.

Ether is a light lavender with purple highlights.

Chicane is a medium-deep purple with a blue sheen.

Jump is a lavender gray with silver-violet shimmer.

Phantom is a light pink with golden highlights.

Model is a pinkish tan with a golden pearlescent sheen.

Custom is a plummy tan with golden highlights.

Clutch is a deep bronze with a tinge of pink and golden highlights.

The shades are not easy to describe accurately, but I’m hoping these photos and swatches help a little. Each color has a highlight that changes hue depending on the light source and how the light hits it. Most of them are semi-sheer to semi-opaque with a pearlescent sheen. They can be used wet or dry, but of course using a good eyeshadow primer will intensify the colors and give you the best results. I am loving these Eyelights, and I hope Silk Naturals would release more shades in the future.

What do you think? Did any of these shades make your list? Please share your thoughts!

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Disclosure: The products featured in the review have been purchased by me. All opinions are honest and completely mine.

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  1. @eRiN: LOL! Resistance is futile.

    @Lily/Beauty's Bad Habit: Thank YOU!

    @4wheel: Haha! Which ones made it to your cart?

    @YellowJade: Great picks! Model is lovely! I think I might get some cream blushes too.

  2. oh cool. thanks so much for the info. was just askin, cuz if u go thru a rep, i thought id use yours if they get credit. thanks! think im gonna have to pick up a few colors. im on an eyeshadow kick lately lol. got a few swatches coming soon as well ;). im so happy you like my site! that is so nice of you to say 🙂

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