Silk Naturals Fall 2011 Eyeshadows Review & Swatches (Part 1)

Silk Naturals recently launched 26 new eyeshadows this fall! Of course, there are new lip colors and blushes too, but the next series of posts will feature 17 new shades, 13 of which have the new “Eyelight” finish.

Eyelights are new and unique to Silk Naturals. They have a color shifting quality that will look different on each individual. According to the website, “Applied dry they’re a silky somewhat sheer soft pearl texture. Applied over Stick ‘Em primer the base color deepens, and the highlights pop out to create a lit from within glow.” If you don’t have the Stick ‘Em primer, you can get them at Silk Naturals… or any eyeshadow primer will work.

This post features the blues, greens, and teals… Momentum, Swift, In Gear, Magpie, Rogue, Nebula, and Kingfisher. Swatched dry without a primer.

From L to R: Momentum, Swift, In Gear, and Magpie.

From L to R: Magpie, Rogue, Nebula, and Kingfisher.

Momentum is a light grayish green with golden highlights. It has an Eyelight finish. Applied dry, it’s a little bit on the sheer side, but it would look more intense over a primer.

Swift is a medium green with golden highlights. It also has an Eyelight finish. The color changes from a golden green to a muted green to a silvery-gray depending on the lighting.

In Gear is a deep brownish olive green with copper, green, and golden shimmer. This is definitely a great crease color and/or a liner.

Magpie is a light sky blue with golden highlights. It has an Eyelight finish. The color changes from a light blue to a blue green to a golden green depending on the lighting. Sooo pretty! It’s my new favorite shade. Unfortunately, most of it ended up on my carpet by accident, so I’ll have to repurchase another jar someday.

Rogue is a medium-deep teal green with golden highlights. It has an Eyelight finish too. This is simply beautiful!

Nebula is medium-deep teal blue with aqua blue sparkle and sheen. This color looks amazing! I LOVE IT!

Kingfisher is a blackened navy blue with turquoise highlights. It makes an awesome eyeliner, but you can wear it however you want to (lid/crease/liner). It also has an Eyelight finish.

The shades are not easy to describe accurately nor are they easy to photograph, but I do hope these swatches help. Each color has a highlight that changes hue depending on the light source and how the light hits it. Most of them are semi-sheer to semi-opaque with a pearly sheen. They can be used wet or dry, but of course using an eyeshadow primer will intensify the colors and will give you the best results. I really like the Eyelights, and I hope Silk Naturals would release more shades of this finish in the future.

What do you think of these new Silk Naturals eyeshadows? Are you getting anything from this collection? Please share your thoughts.

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Disclosure: The products featured in the review have been purchased by me. All opinions are honest and completely mine.

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16 comments on “Silk Naturals Fall 2011 Eyeshadows Review & Swatches (Part 1)

  1. Thanks Jen so much for the great swatches & review. I'll be adding to my already large wish list of those. I got Heat and Burnout. I love the combo. Can't wait to see your Part 2 =:0)

  2. Oh wow, this is SO exciting! 🙂 I can't wait for part 2 of your collection, i'm deffinetely getting some of those colours.
    By the way, Jen, you know I won the SN giveaway a while back, unfortunately the prize never got to me, i feel that the romanian post sistem finally got me (I've heard many stories of stold packages but i thought that can't happen to me)…
    I'm checking out the new collection right now!

  3. @Frckls: You won't regret it. It's beautiful.

    @MissKatv: They're even more vibrant in person. 😉

    @Ki: Yes, do check them out. They have a lot of great shades and they're all permanent.

    @YellowJade: Oh no! So sorry to hear that! Did you try to contact Karen? I wonder what happened.

    @prettymom: Thank you!

  4. Hey, Jen! I did contact Karen, she gave some sort of tracking number but when I gave that number to the postal office they told me it's not right, like it should consist of other letters and numbers…they also told me that it could take between 1-3months, but all my SN orders usually came in 2-3 weeks. It's already too long so I gave up hope…i'm not normally that lucky and it was a prize i was so happy to win but that's it now..
    I'll order some goodies to compensate 🙂

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