Silk Naturals Fall 2010 Tweeds Eye Shadows Review & Swatches

I’ve been meaning to post some swatches of these new eye shadows, but my current work schedule doesn’t allow me time to take pics in daylight except on the weekends, and the weekends can get pretty busy with family stuff sometimes. So, I went ahead and started taking pics in the evening.

Here are the new Fall 2010 Tweeds eye shadows.

These are all in semi-matte or “suede” finish with just a touch of shimmer… except for Faerie, which was the GWP that week. For details, click on images to enlarge. 🙂

Bailey is a slightly warm pearly tan shade with golden orange highlights.

Berwick is deep bluish purple with flecks of golden shimmer.

Bristol is a very pale creamy, tawny color with very fine blue, purple and orange highlights.

Harris is a neutral deep golden brown with golden bronze shimmer.

Inverness is a muted lavender with pink and golden shimmer.

Regent is a deep neutral grayish teal with multi-colored shimmers.

And finally… York is a bluish gray with some golden shimmer.

Overall, I love the suede-like texture. They glide over lids smoothly and evenly. Some of them are a bit more pearly or shimmery than I expected, but not overly obvious. I usually go for bright colors, but these are perfect for work. That doesn’t mean boring though because each color is so much more complex in person. And as with most SN eye shadows, these are all silky, blend effortlessly, crease-resistant, and long lasting.

Do you own any Silk Naturals eye shadows? What are your favorite colors, combos, etc.?


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6 comments on “Silk Naturals Fall 2010 Tweeds Eye Shadows Review & Swatches

  1. Harris and Regent are calling my name! Great swatches as always ^__^

    I really need to make a Silk Naturals order soon, they've come out with such beautiful colours (and brights!) since I first ordered from them late last year. I only have neutral MAC clones from them at the moment, and I love them :3

  2. Inverness looks stunning! I love your swatches, they're such good quality and really show colours off to their best – I commend your swatching skills!

    Somehow I don't own any Silk Naturals – yet! Full intend to order once I have some cash.

  3. @SilhouetteScreams: I think you'd look great with Harris and Regent. ITA that SN has come out with awesome colors. I recently ordered Scandal, and I think you'd like that one too. =D

    @Beauty's Bad Habit: Thank you! (^_^) I think you'd really like Silk Naturals.

    @justltee: You're welcome! Inverness is really pretty in person. You'd love it. 😉

    @Maggi: Aw, thank you! (^_^)

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