Silk Naturals Colors for a Cure 2011 Eyeshadows Review & Swatches (Part 1)

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Silk Naturals released Colors for a Cure 2011. They have 12 new (and re-released) eyeshadows and an all-new limited edition lip gloss. This post will feature Howl, Scream, Paranormal, Propinquity, Defenestrate, and Demon.

From L to R: Howl, Scream, and Paranormal…

From L to R: Propinquity, Defenestrate, and Demon…

Howl is a pale lavender color with blue highlights. In the jar, it looks like an ordinary light lavender shade, but the blue highlights make this one more complex and interesting.

Scream is a medium-deep purple with beautiful aqua highlights. Oh, I love this one! It has an Eyelight finish, which I adore.

Paranormal is a navy blue with a slight pearly sheen. It applies a little sheer, so for best results, use an eyeshadow primer to intensify the color. I bet this would look awesome over MAC Imaginary Paint Pot.

Propinquity is a light-medium plummy pink with golden highlights. This is just absolutely beautiful as a one-color wash! I am sooo glad this was re-released. I will definitely repurchase this one.

Defenestrate is a shimmery medium-deep plum with golden highlights. This shade looks amaaazing! Perfect with Propinquity of course.

Demon is a matte blackened brown with lots of red sparkles. You will definitely need a glitter glue of some sort (Stick ‘Em, Pixie Epoxy, Too Faced, etc.) for this one. I think I’ll try this one over MAC Idyllic Paint Pot later.

During the month of October, Silk Naturals will be donating $0.25 from the sale of each jar to the Susan Komen Foundation. None of these shades are limited edition, but if you purchase this month, you’ll be supporting a great cause. My personal favorites here are Propinquity, Defenestrate, and Scream.

Are you getting any of these shades? What’s on your wishlist?

Where to buy: Silk Naturals

Disclosure: Most of the products featured in this review have been purchased by me. (Demon was sent by the brand for review consideration.) All opinions are honest and completely mine.

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10 comments on “Silk Naturals Colors for a Cure 2011 Eyeshadows Review & Swatches (Part 1)

  1. Jen, thanks for the swatches!! I have more that half of the colors from getting them with the GWP. But Demon was one I did want to see for sure. Howl and Scream look so much on the blue side?? I thought they were purple tones…humm What do you think? Thanks again 😉

  2. @4wheel: They look more purple in person and under most lighting, but they both have aqua highlights, which make them appear a little blue. Scream has an Eyelight finish, so it might look blue or purple, depending on the lighting.

  3. Yea for swatches! I want most of the collection, but I think I'm going to wait on Demon and Paranormal. Howl and Scream haven't made it into my cart yet either, but they are likely to. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the swatches from this collection.

  4. @robinbird_22: Howl and especially Scream are great! I'm gonna have to play with Demon and Paranormal some more with some looks over the weekend.

    @SilhouetteScreams: I really like Demon. I'd like that same shade with a metallic finish.

    @Larie: Beautiful indeed!

    @Frckls & @Georgiana: Propinquity is sooo gorgeous! What else are you getting? Happy shopping!

  5. Hi, Jen! I got Propinquity, along with 5 other eyeshadows, a powder, and 4 amplifying lip glazes. They're all wonderful and I'm really in love with Propinquity & so glad I saw it on your blog, otherwise I probably wouldn't have noticed it.

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