Review: Penguin Zombies Cosmetics

Penguin Zombies… how morbidly cute is that? The name is quite unusual for a cosmetics line, but I’m a fan of unusual names… and penguins… and zombies. (^_^)

They have an “Infecting Gloss” called “Gnaw”.

Gnaw is a semi-sheer medium pink color with a subtle shimmer. Pink lippies are my weakness, so… LOVE!

I also received a tube of Sweet Bile Balm, which is slightly sweetened but has no actual flavor. It’s soft and smooth, not waxy at all, and very moisturizing.

Gloom is a light mauve pink blush with a touch of shimmer. This looks a bit ashy on my skintone, but I think it would look lovely on pale skin.

Brain Matter is a nice light brown eyeshadow with some shimmer. This is great as a lid color. In the jar, it’s not so exciting, but worn on my lids, it looks beautiful and natural.

They also have two eyeshadow primers in Flesh and Death. Flesh is a very pale pinky beige, while Death (although the description says “black”) looks more like a midnight blue color to me.

I’ve been using PZ primers for about a week now, and it’s been working great. I use just the tiniest bit to avoid creasing. It makes my eyeshadow colors more vibrant, and the staying power is pretty good. Flesh leaves a white cast on my medium-tan (NC 30) skin, but it might be perfect for those with fair skin. The only downside is the packaging. When you squeeze the tube, a lot of liquid comes out, which could lead to a waste of product.

Here are some swatches of Brain Matter with PZ primers and without. For details, click on the image to enlarge. 🙂

Overall, these products are worth considering. Both Infecting Gloss and Bile Balm are moisturizing. I do wish to see more Infecting Gloss colors in the future. Perhaps, some unusual colors like purple and/or blue. I like Brain Matter especially over PZ primers because they enhance the color and staying power. Without a primer, Brain Matter looks pretty sheer but still beautiful. I think I’ll try their bright colors like Nessie (turquoise) and Gremlin (bright green) next. Gloom is just a bit too light for my skintone, but I have my eye on Zombie Bait (bright pink with gold sparkles). Again, the primers are great. I love Death. I hope they’d come out with a medium flesh tone primer someday though. And best of all, the prices are very affordable. Samples are only 50 cents, so I recommend giving Penguin Zombies a try! 😉

Have you tried Penguin Zombies yet? Or want to? 🙂


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me free of charge for review purposes. This is my honest opinion and no monetary compensation was received for my opinion.

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