New Year, New Blog!

In an attempt to get myself to start blogging more regularly, I gave the blog (which has largely been dormant) a complete makeover!


The first and biggest change for the blog is… a new name!  When I launched this blog in 2009, I just threw on a name without much of a plan.  I just wanted a place to share my beauty hauls, reviews, and swatches, so I simply went with Jen’s Beauty Blog.  I had a domain name ( that I’ve had since 2007, and I wasn’t using it, so yeah… but it was all meant to be temporary.  After lots of (long overdue) pondering and brainstorming, I ended up choosing Beautyhaulic which I think perfectly describes what this blog is about and who it is for… everyone who’s obsessed with beauty hauls, product reviews, makeup swatches, and more.


I also finally moved from Blogger to WordPress.  I’ve been debating about this for a while now, and I’m glad I made the jump.  WordPress has me excited about blogging again!  It offers more control and flexibility, plus it’s constantly being improved with new updates.  It was time to take advantage of some of the most current technology (awesome plugins) and give the blog a fresh look with a new theme.


Without further ado… welcome to!

For those of you with a blog, have you ever changed your blog’s name?  Were you able to retain your readers or did you have to start over?  What blogging platform do you use and why?

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A self-confessed beauty addict, makeup hoarder, nail polish junkie, beauty blogger, and a proud mom of three beautiful girls.

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