MAC Angel vs Rimmel Airy Fairy

Is Rimmel Airy Fairy a dupe of MAC Angel?

Here are swatches of MAC Angel (left) and Rimmel Airy Fairy (right):

I can see the similarity, but I don’t think they are exact dupes. MAC Angel is a bit cooler in tone whereas Rimmel Airy Fairy appears warmer in tone. MAC Angel has a hint of silver shimmer while Rimmel Airy Fairy has noticeable golden shimmer. I personally prefer MAC Angel as it lasts longer on the lips. Rimmel Airy Fairy fades after only an hour on me, and it is rather drying. It emphasizes lip lines and tends to cling onto a dry spots on the lips. MAC Angel, on the other hand, doesn’t accentuate or cause dryness on the lips.

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4 comments on “MAC Angel vs Rimmel Airy Fairy

  1. I couldn't wear Rimmel at all when I was pregnant because of the strong scent. It was nauseating. It doesn't bother me much anymore, but I do wish the scent was more subtle.

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