KKCenterHK ES Brand A29 Lashes Review

I’ve always been curious about false lashes because they always look so glamorous, but I haven’t really worn them much because I always worry about them looking… fake.

Well, a few weeks ago, I received a box of ES Brand A29 containing 10 pairs of black criss-cross false lashes from KKCenterHK.

I used these lashes for the first time in this look. I have short straight lashes, and believe me… these really do make a difference.

I really like these lashes because they look very nice and natural. It opens up the eyes. The fibers are a little thick and a tiny bit stiff, but they go on very easily. They’re very affordable at only $7.00 for 10 pairs. That’s 70 cents per pair! Plus, they have a huge variety of styles, so I’ll definitely go back to their site, so I can try a few more falsies.

Do you wear false lashes? What are your favorites? Do you prefer natural-looking lashes or dramatic ones?

Where to buy: KKCenterHK.com

Disclosure: The products featured in this review were sent by KKCenterHK for review consideration. All opinions are honest and completely mine.

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5 comments on “KKCenterHK ES Brand A29 Lashes Review

  1. Your falsies look GREAT! If you didn't mention that you were wearing them, I'd think you just had on some really awesome mascara.
    I've never worn false lashes! I bought some ages ago but I keep chickening out on trying them

  2. They look so great on you!!

    I love falsies because I have literally like two eyelashes on each eye, but I can almost never put them on right. Maybe I should buy one of those applicator things.

  3. @Wendy: Thanks! I wanted something subtle & natural but longer & more elegant than my own lashes. You should try wearing them someday.

    @ChaosButterfly: You know what they say. Practice makes perfect. ^_^

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