Coastal Scents Elite Brush Set Review

I purchased the Coastal Scents Elite Brush Set a few weeks ago when it was 50% off along with the Revealed Palette. This set normally costs $69.95, but I only paid $34.98 for it. That works to as little as $1.46 per brush (not including the case). How awesome is that? The set includes 24 bamboo-handled makeup brushes with synthetic white bristles and a matte black ferrule packaged in a black leatherine case.

I like these brushes, but they’re not my favorites. They’re not bad, and I can still work with them. I just find them a little too soft. In my experience, the softer the brush, the less color it seems to pick up. I do think it’s a great set for beginners since it is quite affordable and has everything you need.

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