adorned with Grace Summer 2010 Haul & Swatches

I finally placed an order from adorned with Grace!

I’m still searching for my perfect foundation, and I’m hoping to find it in awG, especially since they specialize in yellow/olive toned skin. My closest match was Everyday Minerals Buttered Tan, which (I later found out) was created by Franchesca (creator and owner of awG). So, I got samples of Grace 4.0 and 4.2. Grace is a combination of golden, peach, and olive just like EDM Buttered Tan. Results TBA!

I had to sample a few blushes too. I love how each product is named after such beautiful traits… Affectionate, Beautiful, Breathtaking, Curious, Enamored, Esoteric, Felicity, Radiant, Sassy, Wonderful, Audacious, and Lovely. I played with a few of them last week, and I really like them. They are all so beautiful and natural looking.

Of course, I had to get me some eye shadows (Adorable, Adventurous, Charming, Elegance, Enduring, Fearless, Gifted, Glorious, Innovative, Inspiring, Loyal, Placid, Regal, Tranquility, Trustworthy, and Wisdom). I’ll update with some swatches later!

Clearance! I got this trio on their clearance page. Only $6.99 for full sizes of Dedicated, Dignified, and Valiant. It ends up being $2.33 a jar! 😉

Franchesca sent me a complimentary brush. It’s the Premium Small Dual Fiber Brush, which is 100% synthetic. It’s a dupe of MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush. It can be used to stipple on really pigmented blushes or apply foundation around the eyes, mouth, and nose. I even tried this with the cream blushes I got from Silk Naturals, and it works great! It’s perfect for applying bronzers and highlighters too. It feels super soft, doesn’t shed, and very affordable at only $16.99. (MAC 188 costs $34.00 at Nordstrom.) This is definitely a must-have brush for me. 🙂

I placed another order when the Summer 2010 Limited Edition colors came out.

I bought the LE Eyecolor Full Set: Summer 2010.

And finally some swatches (with awG description)… Candid (a creamy lemon yellow with tiny flecks of gold), Emotive (a deep blue with light blue highlights), Flamboyant (a bright teal/sea blue), Forthright (a rich orangey gold with golden sparkle), Munificent (a light robin egg blue/sea foam green), and Outstanding (a golden brown with brassy hints). My favorites here are Flamboyant and Munificent. Click the image to enlarge it.

Franchesca included free samples of the LE shimmer blushes… Astounding (a light neutral apricot), Avid (a well-pigmented peach that turns rosy), and Spellbinding (a very light pink with bright silver sparkle). These are so much prettier in person!

I also grabbed a few eye shadows from the clearance page (Earnest, Exceptional, Instinctive, Incisive, Judicious, Reflective, and Steadfast). I’ll have to swatch those for you later. I just wanted to do a quick post and show you some swatches of the Summer 2010 Collection, so you can decide if you want to order a few (or all) while you still can. 🙂

Have you tried adorned with Grace? What are your favorites?

P.S. There will be a new giveaway coming soon! Stay tuned! 😉


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12 comments on “adorned with Grace Summer 2010 Haul & Swatches

  1. Thanks for the swatches! I hadn't thought much about the new LE blushes, but after seeing your swatches, I think I need them now…

    Can't wait to see the rest of the swatches when you get the chance to do them 🙂

  2. I've never really paid attention to awG before, but I'll definitely have to check them out after this! I didn't realise they had bright eyeshadow colours too 😀 all your swatches look gorgeous !

  3. All of the colours look gorgeous! I'm after a match in mineral foundation too and those you posted look close to what I'm after 😀

    Darn you mineral make-up lovers! My bank is emptying already ahaha 😛

  4. @monica: I didn't think the new LE blushes would work for me, but they're gorgeous!

    @SilhouetteScreams: Do check them out. On the site, the colors look kinda blah, but it's WOW in person! 🙂

    @Beauty's Bad Habit: LOL! Glad to enable! 😉

  5. I've never heard of this brand but the swatches look beautiful. Totally random question, how do you get your swatches to be perfect circles!? THanks for stopping by my blog! xx

  6. Hi, Emily! I just use a wet-dry e/s brush. Since the bristles have a rounded shape, it's easy to form a perfect circle. I guess my OCD shows in my swatches. 😀

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