Mineral Blush Samples & Pink Sample Jars

Samples are pretty in pink jars…

I started decanting the samples I got into 5g jars yesterday. Lumiere’s samples came up to about half a jar, which is reasonably generous… while Joppa’s samples contained very little product (about 1/8 of a jar… looks about 1/16 of a teaspoon to me).

So far, I really like Aromaleigh’s blushes. They are all so pretty and unique! Lumiere’s blushes are really nice too. Joppa’s blushes look okay, but I don’t like the lack of email support or customer service. I’ve tried emailing them to ask about the size of their blushes (the website only says $10 for small and $15 for medium), but I’ve gotten no response. I guess my question wasn’t that important, but sizes vary from company to company, and I want to know how much product is in a “small” or “medium” size before I purchase anything. I don’t want to guess or assume (like I assumed their samples are as generous as other MMU companies’). Joppa is also a little more expensive than the other brands I’ve tried, so I don’t know if I’ll be ordering from them any time soon (or ever again) as there are many other things I want to buy from Aromaleigh and Lumiere… plus, I want to try Meow too!

Meow is having a 20% off discount for Halloween, so I placed a huge order of sample blushes and a few sample foundation shades.

Speaking of samples… I recently got these cute little pink jars for my samples. 🙂

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