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My 1st Meow haul!

I’ve been wanting to try Meow for a while now, so when they had a 20% off discount for Halloween, I filled my cart with blush samples and a few foundation samples.

Here’s what all I got in the mail yesterday…

Samples of Naughty Abyssinian (yellow/beige) and Naughty Manx (yellow/peach) in Flawless Feline and Pampered Puss. Naughty Abyssinian looks like a good match, while Naughty Manx appears a bit too light. Flawless Feline gives me perfect coverage without feeling stiff or looking cakey. As its name suggests, my skin looks flawless with it. However, it does make me itch when I get warm or sweat. Pampered Puss is sheer and matte. It’s supposed to be layerable, but it doesn’t give me the amount of coverage I need. It does make me itch a little bit too, which is odd because it’s supposed to be good for sensitive skin.

I also received free samples of Ideal Eyes “Sabertooth” and Feliner “Neurotic”.

Samples from their original line of blushes

Samples from the Firefly Blush collection…

Samples from the Lush Blush collection…

Samples from the Masterpiece Blush collection…

And samples from the Taboo Blush collection…

It’s gonna take me a while to get these transferred into my tiny pink jars. LOL!

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