Aromaleigh Lippies & Blushes

More Aromaleigh lippies and blushes!

I ordered a few more blushes and lippies from Aromaleigh last week. 🙂

I got a complete set of Rocks! Sonic Lips Nourishing Lip Tint. I really loved the sample of noreservations that I got for free with my 2nd AL order. And since these were on sale (25% off), I decided to buy the whole set.

These (and the AL Color Infusion Botanical Lipsticks) are my current lippy favorites!

Free e/s samples (Divine Intervention, Gilded Jealousy, and Verdant Wisp) from the GL collection and a free lipstick (Perfect).

I also ordered 3 AL Pure Rouge… Glorious (a shimmery berry color), Sweetheart (a deep pink with a subtle shimmer), and Verve (a warm reddish pink with some golden shimmer)… and 3 AL Aromatherapy Lipbalms (Delicate Vanilla Bean, Minty Cocoa Chip, and Must-Have Mocha). Sweetheart and Minty Cocoa Chip (YUMMY!) are my favorites here.

More free e/s samples (Angel Bouquet, Strawberry Despair, and Velvet Dream)… and another free lippy (Karma).

I love Karma and Perfect… I can’t wait to get more shades!

I really like the free sample lippies they include with every order. If it wasn’t for that sample of Gala that I got with my first order, I don’t think I would’ve tried (and fallen in love with) any of their lippies.

Gossamer is a sheer nude pink with a subtle shimmer. It’s nice, but it’s not something I would pick for myself.

Creampuff is a frosted golden beige. At first, I didn’t like it. I don’t think I can wear this on its own because it didn’t look good on my nude lips, but I think I can use this one to warm up other lippies.

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