Aromaleigh Les Papillons Limited Edition Eye Collection!

Les Papillons Limited Edition Eye Collection!

Yes, another Christmas Countdown haul! :))

Such beautiful colors! It’s hard to choose a few favorites because they’re all absolutely gorgeous!

I chose Dragonfly as my free eye shadow. I really like this color. It’s a gorgeous teal shade with a soft shimmer.

The Opulent Lustres look really nice, so I decided to try Imperial, Lotus, and Cypress. I also received a free sample of Teaberry lipbalm. 🙂

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1 comment on “Aromaleigh Les Papillons Limited Edition Eye Collection!

  1. Jennifae, I am curious, do you feel safe using these shadows given the fact that 2 out of the 3 D&C dyes listed in the "May contain" section are not eye safe? And some of the Les Papillons shadows are specifically marked as having D&C dyes?

    I am hearing all the angry fans, but I am wondering what the average customer thinks of all of this.

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