Silk Naturals Blushes, Eyeshadows, Lippies + Gumballs Haul


I got a few more stuff from Silk Naturals last week… just a couple of blushes, eye shadows, lip glosses, and a few gumballs. 🙂

I know I don’t really need any more blushes (or e/s… or any more makeup for that matter LOL) but I couldn’t resist. I got Carnal (a gorgeous shimmery deep plum) and Lovelace (a shimmery peachy pink with a touch of gold; a bit similar to Satisfied).

I also got Cabin Fever (GWP), 9:59, Brimstone, Cherry Blossom, Earth, Pink Twink, Poly, Twister, and Vineyard.

And I got a few more lippies. I wanted to try the Black Label lippies, which are supposed to be more moisturizing. So, I got Aria and Raphsody. I also got Berry Nice, Damsel, Fig Leaf, and Soft. (I’m gonna try to do a few swatches later when I have more time.)

And the gumballs… a Medium Peach creamy concealer and 3 solid perfume wands. To be honest, I was hoping for something else (maybe an e/s, lippie, blush)… because I don’t wear perfume that much, and I’m a bit picky about what I do wear.

And a free sample of Fig Leaf, but since I had just ordered Fig Leaf (LOL), I’m giving this one to my mom. She might like it. 🙂


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