Silk Naturals Lipsticks + Sack of Random Stuff Haul, Review & Swatches

SN Lippies and Sack of Random Stuff!

I got my latest order from Silk Naturals today! Just gotta love those ladies for super quick shipping even with a large volume of orders during a sale. :))

I got 2 Black Label L/G (Prelude and Symphony)… 2 of their Organic Vegan Lip Sticks (Fashionista and Rapturous)… and 6 Vegan Kisser Slicker L/G (Bisou, Bobbi, Carnation, Cultured, Daydream, and Figment).

I chose Darling as my free L/G. And I may have mentioned how excited I am about getting a dozen lippies for my birthday coz I found an extra L/G (Birthday Suit) in my package with a handwritten “Happy Birthday” comment from Karen, Susan, & Jamie. Isn’t that sweet?

I also grabbed a “Sack of Random Stuff,” which includes a full size jar of Sandstone Eye Color, a full size tube of Casual Red Lip Color, a mini eyeliner brush, and a mini tweezer! Not bad for 75 cents, huh?

Here’s a closeup of Sandstone, a light peach with a subtle shimmer.

And Casual Red is not as brown as it looks in the tube. It’s actually a very lovely toned-down red.

Truly… when I first saw this in the tube, I thought, “Wow! That’s… truly bright and red.” LOL! I didn’t think I could wear this one, but it’s very sheer and pretty.

Here’s Casual Red (left) and Truly (right). It just goes to show you that you can’t judge a lippie by how it looks in the tube.


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10 comments on “Silk Naturals Lipsticks + Sack of Random Stuff Haul, Review & Swatches

  1. I'm so sad I missed the clearance sale! But I couldn't help it, I'm so broke right now 😀 But when I get my student aid and salary, I'm going to order a huge bunch of stuff from them.

    I don't have any of those shades you bought, could you swatch them all if you have time? It would be nice to see what they look like on skin 🙂 Truly looks so insane in the tube, lol!

  2. @SilhouetteScreams: Yep! It was a Mon or Tue (depends on where you live). Everything sold out pretty quickly too. Especially 75-cent grab bags. It was crazy (and fun) at the same time. ^^

    @Sagu: Sure! I can post some swatches later.

  3. Hoyden, I don't really have a fancy storage for my MU. Just a couple of train cases of my favorite products, a drawer for samples, and another drawer for stuff I need to swap/sell. ^^

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